Yukiko Mizuno


After graduating university in 2014, worked for a Japanese telecommunications company in Manila, Philippines. Responsible for corporate sales as a local hire for the Manila Branch Office. After 3.5 years, joined Invenio Co., Ltd. in 2017, in charge of global HRD and OD projects for Japan MNCs, including production and global expansion of the 60th Anniversary Creators Sugoroku project for Nissin Foods Holdings.

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Yoshimi Komori

Head of South China

A graduate of prestigious Kyoto University, Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. Began her career with Panasonic Corporation in sales of B2B devices and later, sales engineer on international accounts with Japanese multinational electronics manufactures. Promoted to the Shenzhen office as customer contact with Huawei, responsible for negotiations with Chinese executives. Resigned Panasonic 2018 to begin family life in China. Later in the year, began research and consulting for Invenio China, opening their Shenzhen office in 2019. Today, as a core member of TAO, leveraging her experience and skills in new business creation, and the development of organizations, HR and digital content.

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Kumiko Shiga

Project Manager

After graduating from Doshisha University, worked as secretary for the president and chairman of a listed company. Retired and became a writer after husband transferred to China. There, was been chief author of magazines and other projects in Guangzhou from 2011 to 2015. Returning to Japan, involved in producing libraries at a public-private consulting company, MillionDots, and in Yokohama, played areas including an old Japanese cafe. Featured in WEDGE, and involved in planning and producing communication design, including regional revitalization summits. Current position since 2019.

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Kurt Hahn

TAO Partners Educer

Graduate Waseda University and Stanford University. After leaving UBS Securities, founded a management consulting firm in Japan in 1994. Later, an advisor for Sequoia Capital, a well-known Silicon Valley venture capital firm. Current position since 2013.

Jeung Bin Kim

superbin CEO

Graduate Department of Mathematics and Economics, University of Oregon, Cornell University, Doctor of Public Administration at Kennedy School, Harvard University. After working at Samsung Electronics and a large consulting firm, the CEO of the strategic planning office of a major Korean company (KOTITI, KOSTEEL).

Steve Lin

Aspect Management Consulting CEO

Became independent after working at Accenture for 15 years in strategy and organizational personnel consulting. Main areas of expertise are strategic planning, organizational design, leadership assessment and management reforms in corporate transformation.

Mariko Asmara Yoshihara

Chairman of JAC Recruitment Indonesia

Started career as entrepreneur while at the University of Indonesia, and took current position in 2002. A social entrepreneur and educator who has a wealth of experience in management support through the introduction of executive and president classes, as well as participating in startups and ventures to support the needy.