TAO Partners Co., Ltd. (herein TAO) recognize the social responsibility to protect private data provided by individuals, defined by JIS Q15001 as Personal Information, and have developed a compliance policy strictly adhered to as described below. Please review this policy to learn how TAO protects the Personal Information of its clients (herein USERS).

Purpose of Use

Personal Information, regardless of whether it is obtained digitally or in writing, may be used by TAO for the purpose any of the following : corporate training, lecturers and facilitation, consulting, educational content, videos, sales or lease and related businesses.

Collection Method

  • TAO will ask your name, contact information and employer when you register for inquiries about TAO services, such as materials, subscribing to e-mail magazines an attending seminars and events

  • TAO will ask your name, contact information and employer when you apply for TAO services.

  • In the process of providing information about our services, TAO may ask USERS (clients) for Personal Information.

Sharing of Personal Information

  • In the course of delivering services to USERS (clients), TAO may provide Personal Information to third-party corporate and individual partners. In such cases, disclosure of personal information will be kept to a minimum, and these parties will be bound by TAO to non disclosure of the Personal Information provided.

  • In any event, TAO will not provide information without USER (client) prior consent or due to legal requirement

Disclosure, Corrections, Suspension of Use

When USERS (clients) are requested to disclose Personal Information, TAO will confirm verify and respond only when the accuracy can be confirmed. In the unlikely event the Personal Information is inaccurate, TAO will promptly amend, cease to use or delete.

Complaint & Consultation

TAO will promptly respond to complaints about the handling of Personal Information.

Security Measures

TAO is constantly updating its security measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of Personal Information.

Strict Adherence to Laws & Regulations

TAO complies with laws and other standards regarding Personal Information

Continuous Improvement of Compliance Programs

TAO has established a compliance program to protect Personal Information consisting of continuous review and improvements of operations.


This policy is subject to change without advanced notice

As of March 6, 2019
TAO Partners, Inc.
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