Akihito Oshiro

CEO, Founder, TAO Partners, Chairman/CEO, Invenio Asia Holdings, Ltd., Hong Kong,Chairman, Invenio China, Ltd., Shanghai

Oshiro is a specialist in global business and cross cultural management, and an expert in Asian history, culture and social systems. In 2019, as CEO and founder of TAO Partners, Oshiro acquired the assets of Invenio Co Ltd’s non-Japanese Asian business, which he had launched and successfully built from 2011 as CEO of Invenio China (Shanghai). Originally the only Japanese national on the team, Oshiro launched the China operation and subsequently expanded the business into Korea, Taiwan and S/E Asia as CEO of Invenio Asia Holdings (HK) where today, he continues to serve client’s global OD needs, developing leadership methodology best suited for Asia. Previously an analyst with Nomura Securities, Oshiro moved to Invenio in 2004 to design next-generation leader, internal branding and post merger integration training programs for over 100 multi-national Japanese corporations. Oshiro holds a CIAA from the International Investment Analyst Association, is a director of the Shanghai Foreign Corporation Investment Association, and is a frequent contributor to BizChina, Toyo Keizai and other business periodicals.

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Takaaki Takeuchi

Special Advisor

Graduated from Williams College, one of the nation’s leading liberal arts colleges. After working at Nomura Securities International Research Department, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, etc., was vice president of Zurich Scudder Investments and President of Prudential Financial Advisors Securities. Independence in 2003. Established an investment company in Tokyo and a management consulting company in Shanghai. Since 2012, supported the launch of NPO corporation ‘Teach for Japan’ and International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA). As part of his life work, working on liberal arts education for Asian youth and assisting unique high schools, universities, and financial companies in Japan as special advisor and visiting professor.

Katsuhiko Yoshikawa

Advisor/Graduate University Shizenkan Vice President Associate Professor

Katsuhiko serves as Vice President and Associate Professor at Shizenkan University. Before joining Shizenkan in 2018, he worked at Recruit Holdings Co. Ltd., where he engaged in consulting and research of human resource management and organizational behavior, and Antai College of Economics and Management at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, as Assistant Professor. He also currently serves as Visiting Researcher at Global Strategic Leadership Institute at Waseda University. He obtained a PhD in Management and MSc in Management, Organization and Governance from London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom, and a BA in Economics from Kyoto University, Japan. He has published academic articles on globally renowned academic journals, such as the Journal of World Business and the Journal of Applied Psychology and has contributed to practitioner journals and newspapers. He has also co-authored a book on diversity management.