Launched the : Jump into the World! Junior High and High School Entrepreneur Development Project – a business development program for trading companies and other enterprises to nurture middle and high school students. Presentations by Mr Shingo Nemoto, CEO, Athlete Brand & Mr Norihiko Horiuchi, CEO, Hinoki Co., Ltd.

For our series : Latest case studies in organizational development 2019, Mr. Yasuhisa Miura, Deputy General Manager HRD, Nissin Foods Holdings Corporation, spoke on the company’s 60th Anniversary Sugoroku (dice game) project on the themes of : creating organizational culture in the digital – global era and global deployment of corporate philosophy using games and social media

Established TAO Partners Co., Ltd.

Engaging in Liberal Arts educational activities in Asia, TAO Partners advisor Mr Takaaki Takeuchi gives a series of lectures on Liberal Arts centric Global Mindset Programs

TAO Partners CEO, Mr Oshiro presents on the relationship between the Meiji Restoration and Shanghai at the Meiji Restoration150th Anniversary Event at the Japanese Consulate General in Shanghai