Our CEO, Mr. Oshiro, will be a panelist at an online event for senior management hosted by Deloitte Group. 【”Future of Corporate Governance Forum 2020″ Group Governance in the “New Normal” – Group Management Based on Remote Work】  Wednesday, September 23, 17:00-19:20, live streaming (Keynote Speech/Deloitte Speech), on-demand streaming after mid-October (Panel Discussion *Oshiro will be speaking; deadline for registration is October 30, 17:00) Please click here for application and details.


Mr. Jingru Xue, CEO of the Digital Vorn “Chat and observe the business-weaving Business Ties through Fun”

Kazushi Takeda, Executive Director of Mizuho Bank, Ltd. and General Manager, Mizuho Bank (China) “No Borders for People, Leadership to make the best use of subordinates”

Yasutsugu Funatsu, Chairman and CEO, Transcosmos, Inc. [Better be the head of a pike than the tail of a sturgeo]

Mr Oshiro, CEO, TAO, scheduled panelist : Future of Corporate Governance Forum 2020 (Tokyo), sponsored by Deloitte Tohmatsu Group. March 17, 2020 date has bee rescheduled for September 23, 2020. Details will be provided when more information in available.